August 27, 2023

What is TikTok most recent preoccupation with beauty, “Barbie Botox”?


What is TikTok most recent preoccupation with beauty, “Barbie Botox”?Isabelle Lux, a 32-year-old content developer from Palm Beach, Florida, admitted that she was afraid as she waited for her “Barbie Botox” treatment, which involved injecting 40 units of the neurotoxin into each of the muscles that support her neck. In order to prepare for her wedding, she wanted to reduce the size of her shoulders and get some upper back pain relief. “If everything goes as planned, this is going to be fantastic, and I can’t wait to share it (online).” I better alert everyone if something goes wrong. In essence, I decided that I would tell people whatever happened. And I prayed to God that everything went well.

The technique was initially develope to help relieve the strain on the trapezius muscles, which can lead to headaches and excruciating neck stress. It is now use off-label to lengthen the neck and cosmetically reduce the size of the shoulders. And on social media, it’s gaining popularity.


In a telephone conversation, Dr. Parisha Acharya, the chief cosmetic physician at famous London medical aesthetics clinic Waterhouse Young, explaine that when Botox is inject into a muscle, it breaks the link to the nerve. The muscle deteriorates and eventually paralyzes with time. The muscle shrinks indirectly.

There are presently over 7 million views of the hashtag “Barbie Botox” on TikTok, where MediSpas and clinics record themselves injecting their patients while adding pastel pink commentary and sparkling emojis. More than 250,000 people have now watched Lux’s video describing her own experience with the therapy. She claims to have invented the expression. “It came from the idea that you would look more like a Barbie when you get it done, which I don’t think is a bad thing,” she said in a telephone interview. When done correctly, it lengthens the neck, slims the shoulders, and produces a very delicate physique.

According to Dr. Acharya, Botox can completely paralyze the muscle if it is applied incorrectly or at the inappropriate dosage. Occasionally, the neurotoxic might move away from the original injection site and weaken the nerve connections to neighboring muscles. “And particularly if it’s around the neck, that can be quite significant because it can affect your ability to hold your head up correctly,” the doctor continued.

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