October 7, 2023

The most crowded tourist destination in Europe is precisely in this small town

Most people choose countries in Europe for holidays. It’s not surprising that this year several tourist destinations experienced excessive crowding, making it viral on social media. Tourists complained of chaos at the Trevi Fountain in Italy and one of France’s top tourist destinations.

Small towns are actually the ones that are most visited

Although Paris is the most visited city in Europe, the much smaller city, Monaco, is the most visited. Even though in 2019 the city only received 363 thousand tourists. However, due to its smaller size, Monaco is much busier than people think.
According to UNWTO statistics, Monaco has nine tourists for every local resident. This makes the city the busiest tourist destination.

Although Monaco has a small population of only around 36 thousand residents, one in three residents is a millionaire. Many people who work in Monaco don’t actually live there, but travel daily from France or Italy.

Tourist attractions in Monaco

Monaco’s top-rated tourist attraction on Tripadvisor is its Oceanographic Museum, which is home to sharks, turtles and other marine life. Some tourists said they found the attraction too crowded to enjoy properly.
“You could barely move because of the number of people inside,” Emily’s account said.

“It was too busy to enjoy the experience, there was no monitoring of how many people entered the aquarium section which meant it was very busy,” said Jasmin H.

Apart from the Oceanographic Museum, the annual Monaco Grand Prix, usually held in May or June, is a major event on the country’s calendar. This is also the time when the city is most crowded and busy. Don’t be surprised if accommodation prices are quite expensive. Many tourists do not spend the night there and choose Nice which is only 30 minutes from Monaco by train or car.

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