September 15, 2023

Russia Expels Two US Diplomats Accused of Involvement in Illegal

Russia In a recent diplomatic spat between Russia and the United States. Moscow has taken the unusual step of expelling two. American diplomats amid allegations of their involvement in illegal activities. This move has further strained the already tense relationship between the two nations. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday that two US diplomats […]

August 23, 2023

Paris 2024: The conflict in Ukraine is still going strong then Russia

Olga Kharlan of Ukraine was disqualified from competing in the world championships the day after Paris celebrated one year till the 2024 Olympics because she refused to shake hands with Anna Smirnova of Russia. The organizational and political risk that France and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are in before the Games brought home by […]

August 19, 2023

Russia Imposes Sanctions Against ICC Prosecutor and British Minister

Russia Imposes Sanctions Against ICC Prosecutor and British Minister. Russia has criticized Britain’s military support for Ukraine. Incredible view outside the international criminal court in the hague netherlands wednesday march 31 2021. International criminal court prosecution has informed combatants and their commanders that he orchestrated Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and has jurisdiction to try war […]

August 15, 2023

Market in “Wait & See” Mode as Cryptocurrencies Lose Their Allure

The cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing a period of uncertainty as investors adopt a cautious “wait and see” approach. The once alluring world of cryptocurrencies appears to have lost some of its shine as market trends and regulatory concerns. Create a more skeptical environment. Cryptocurrency Volatility Spurs Caution In recent weeks, the cryptocurrency market has […]