August 28, 2023

Speech of the United States Ambassador to Sudan Complained

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry the remarks of the United States Ambassador to Sudan John Godfrey, who said that no one party in Sudan is currently fit to lead the country. Godfrey called on the Sudanese military and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) to end this fighting and hand over power to the Sudanese civilians. “The warring parties – they are not fit to lead the country. The Sudanese Foreign Ministry asked Godfrey said. Godfrey to retract his remarks and revise his position on the current Sudanese conflict. In a written statement, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry said Godfrey’s comments contradicted the requirements of diplomatic decency, professionalism and mutual respect for state sovereignty.

They must end the conflict and hand over power to a transitional government held by civilians

“The comments made by the ambassador of the United States. Illustrate a lack of respect for the Sudanese people and their independence.” The ministry said in a statement.
The Sudanese Foreign Ministry emphasizes that the Sudanese military is defending. The country and people of Sudan from terrorists and militants who commit criminal acts. The Sudanese Foreign Ministry hopes that Ambassador Godfrey and the United States. Central government will correct the imbalance and flawed position of the United States. No only that Ambassador Godfrey. Was also ask to refrain from comments that diplomatic. Norms and rules that do not help end the crisis in Sudan.
The United Nations and a number of local and international human rights organizations. Believe that more than 4 million. Sudanese have left home and thousands have dead. Since the conflict eruption in the country. The war between the Sudanese army and the RSF erupted amid disagreements. Over plans to transition to elections under civilian rule an internationally backed initiative.

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