October 22, 2023

So that clothes don’t go to waste in your suitcase, personal stylists remember these 2 things when packing

When planning a suitcase trip, packing clothes is sometimes no less troublesome. Some people usually change their clothing style when traveling. In fact, according to personal stylist Kim Appelt, this is actually a fatal mistake when packing.
Kim said when she started her career as a travel reporter, she always packed the coolest clothes for her trips. For example, stuffing a floral maxi dress for Rome or folding a floppy sun hat in your carry-on bag for a Caribbean cruise.
But once I got to my destination, I wanted the clothes I would normally wear, regardless of location: hoodies, joggers and a baseball cap,” he said.
She thinks everyone does this, because it’s easy to experiment with fashion when traveling somewhere new. But what’s important when packing for traveling is to stay true to your personal style.

Consider the environment of the travel destination

Kim Appelt says it’s important to consider the environment you’re traveling in when packing for a trip. For example, bring light clothing if you are going to a hot place.
Also consider the atmosphere of the location you are visiting. He gave an example when he traveled to New York, United States, he always wore black clothes. He also wore boots and black jeans and a white linen blazer.
In her new book, Style for Everyone, there are certain questions you should ask yourself before packing. “What is your personal style? Is it athletic, preppy, casual? So what is your lifestyle? How do you wear these clothes?” he said, adding that once you know these things, you can pack clothes that truly suit your personal style.

Versatile clothing

The most important packing tip is to bring clothes that can be worn in three different styles. This means that each item of clothing should be versatile enough to be worn with other items in the bag.
Appelt pointed out that he always carries a white linen blazer that is light and can be mixed and matched with many items. For example, wear it with a dress and running shoes or wear it with shorts and jeans.

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