September 21, 2023

Saudi crown prince, normalization with Israel is approaching daily

Saudi Arabia

For the first time, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) stated that his nation was moving “closer” to an agreement on normalization with Israel every day.

The 38-year-old heir to the Saudi monarchy told Fox News in an interview that aired on Wednesday that “every day we get closer” to coming to an agreement.”It appears to be a true, serious one for the first time. We’ll watch to see what happens.

According to US officials, the Biden administration has been in contact with Saudi Arabia over the problem for a number of months.A deal would be a major achievement for the president’s foreign policy and could increase support for Israel among Muslims, especially in light of Saudi Arabia’s position as the protector of the holiest places in Islam. A contract with Israel, according to MBS, would be “the biggest historical deal since the Cold War.”

Saudi crown prince

When asked about the demands of the kingdom for normalization, MBS said he hoped the agreement would “reach a place that will ease the life of the Palestinians,” falling short of advocating for the creation of an independent Palestinian state, which has been Riyadh’s official position for two decades.

Most Arab and Islamic nations reject Israel’s legitimacy. In exchange for Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian lands and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, the monarchy put up the “Arab Peace initiative” in 2002, which promised Israel security and “normal relations” with 57 Arab and Muslim nations. Israel turned down the proposal.

“The Palestinian issue is crucial to us. That is a problem that needs to be resolved, MBS said, adding that he wants to see Israel become a “player in the Middle East.”

Although Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has prioritized normalizing relations with the kingdom, it is uncertain how his right-wing coalition will respond to any requests from the country for Palestinian concessions.

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