August 19, 2023

Russia Imposes Sanctions Against ICC Prosecutor and British Minister

Russia Imposes Sanctions Against ICC Prosecutor and British Minister. Russia has criticized Britain’s military support for Ukraine. Incredible view outside the international criminal court in the hague netherlands wednesday march 31 2021. International criminal court prosecution has informed combatants and their commanders that he orchestrated Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and has jurisdiction to try war crimes and crimes against humanity. Russia on Friday (18/8/2023) imposed sanctions on International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutors, as well as British ministers who strongly opposed Moscow’s attack on Ukraine. Russia has criticized Britain’s military support to Ukraine and the ICC’s arrest warrant against President Vladimir Putin . The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the unwavering military support from London to Kiev and the aggressive implementation of a hostile anti-Russian policy a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry, reported by Al Arabiya.

The ICC prosecutor, British national Karim Khan, issued an arrest warrant for Putin in March on charges of unlawfully deporting Ukrainian children.

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Russia, which is not a member of the ICC, insists the arrest warrant is not valid. In May, Russia placed prosecutor Khan on the wanted list for issuing an arrest warrant. But this threat will not affect the legal process against Putin. Russia said 54 people had been added to a sanctions list targeting British nationals. They include Minister for Sport Lucy Fraser who has actively pushed for. Russia’s international sporting isolation, and Britain’s Undersecretary of Defense Annabel Goldie, who is in charge of shipping weapons to Ukraine.  Russia also imposed sanctions on journalists from British media, namely the BBC, the. Guardian and the Daily Telegraph , who were accused of being involved in spreading false information about Russia. The British media also supports information and propaganda activities by Kiev. Since the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine in. February 2022, London has been one of Kiev’s main financial and military backers.