August 19, 2023

President Zelensky Comedian with Big Guts

No more comedy for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. What he is facing this time is no joke, a country with a superpower, Russia. Even more thrilling is the figure behind it, Vladimir Putin.

From any point of view, Ukraine is considered to have lost everything to Russia. From the mathematical calculation of the map of military strength, Ukraine is almost nothing. But Zelensky is not a vegetable chicken. He chose to wear a bulletproof vest and be in the midst of his soldiers.

At a time when many people double his abilities Zelensky stood up straight

Putin’s big name even seems like nobody. Given the background, of course this is surprising. Long before entering politics, he was a comedian. Comedian. But the time loop brought him to the world’s spotlight. (The enemy) has marked me as target number one, Zelenskiy warned in a video message, as quoted by Reuters. “My family is target number two. I will live in the capital. Zelenskiy had a career as a comedian or comedian with no political experience. He received the most votes in the first round of the Ukrainian presidential election. According to a poll from the Kiev International Institute of Sociology and the public opinion organization Razumkov, the comedian was ahead of 39 other candidates with 30.4 percent of the vote.

Zelenskiy, as in his role as a comedian, made corruption a focus of his candidacy. He proposed a life ban from holding public office for anyone convicted of corruption. He also called for direct negotiations with Russia to end the fighting in eastern Ukraine. “A new life, a normal life begins,” Zelenskiy said after he voted in Kiev. Voting in Ukraine has been overshadowed by accusations of widespread vote-buying.

Police said they had received more than 1,600 complaints of misconduct on voting day in addition to hundreds of earlier claims of vote rigging, including attempted bribery and removing ballots from polling stations. Now, the world is waiting, will Zelenskiy be able to bring his country safely from the brunt of the Russian troops or will he be the one who will be evicted from his position. On Thursday, Zelenskiy had severed Ukraine’s diplomatic ties with Russia, following the invasion of Moscow troops

For years, however, Russia has asked Western countries to investigate cases of human rights abuses, illegal killings and war crimes committed by Ukrainian authorities after the 2014 coup.

Moscow points out that many of those cases were perpetrated by neo-Nazis against Russian citizens or Russian-speaking people in Ukraine.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a special operation to protect the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR) on February 24, he described his goal as “demilitarization and denazification” of Ukraine.

His spokesman later explained that “denazification” meant that Russia planned to liberate Ukraine from the neo-Nazis, their supporters, and their dangerous ideology.

Moscow has repeatedly warned foreign countries about the neo-Nazis who took over Ukraine after a Western-backed coup in 2014. However, Western countries chose to ignore the various human rights violations committed by the Kiev regime.

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