September 5, 2023

President Jokowi opened the ASEAN Summit today, discussing institutional strengthening and Myanmar issues

Leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will kick off the ASEAN Summit today, Tuesday, 5 September 2023, in Jakarta. The long-term strengthening of the bloc to efforts to resolve internal crises such as Myanmar will be discusse at this meeting.

Today’s conference will hold two sessions. First in plenary format and second in retreat form. The opening will be carrie out by Indonesian President Jokowi as the chairman of ASEAN this year.
Foreign ministers from ASEAN member countries met in Jakarta on Monday, September 4 2023, to prepare recommendations to be agree upon for leaders at the summit. ASEAN Concord IV has been agree upon by ministers for adoption.

ASEAN Concord IV is an initiative create by Indonesia. This will be the cornerstone of the ASEAN Community Vision 2045, strengthening institutions to address future challenges.

“The challenges we face in the coming years will be even greater,” said Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi while chairing a ministerial meeting at the ASEAN Secretariat on Monday.
The ASEAN Summit will agree to accelerate the decision-making process in times of crisis and strengthen ASEAN’s capacity to respond to emerging challenges.

The formulation of the ASEAN Community Vision 2045 has begun in 2023 under the High Level Task Force (HLTF), co-chaired by Indonesia and Malaysia. This vision will be officially adopte in 2025.

Meanwhile, regarding the Myanmar issue, ASEAN will review the implementation of the five-point consensus that has been agree to resolve the crisis in that country.

ASEAN’s five-point consensus for Myanmar includes an immediate end to the violence

organizing dialogue between all parties; appointment of special envoys; allowing humanitarian assistance from ASEAN; and allowing a special
Minister Retno at the opening of the meeting on Monday, September 4 2023, at the ASEAN Secretariat, South Jakarta, acknowledged that the Myanmar issue was still homework for the bloc. ASEAN, according to him, will fully progress if this crisis is over.

Myanmar has been beset by violence and economic turmoil since the military seized power in a 2021 coup. The Tatmadaw, the country’s military, has launched a crackdown on its opponents.

ASEAN, since the end of 2021 has banned the Myanmar junta from attending high level meeting until significant progress is seen in resolving the crisis, known as the five point of consensus. There is no Myanmar representative for the ASEAN Summit this time.

As president of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations for 9 months, Indonesia has launched a quiet attempt to make a breakthrough in resolving this crisis.

Around 145 meetings with all parties including the military junta

the National Unity Government or NUG, and ethnic groups, have been by Indonesia – including those attended face to face by the foreign minister himself.

ASEAN’s approach to overcoming this crisis has been criticize by a number of parties because it is considere not to have a very significant impact. Indonesia emphasized that the five-point consensus will remain ASEAN’s only guideline in resolving this crisis.

When contacted by on Monday, September 4 2023, lecturer in international relations from the University of Queensland, Ahmad Rizky Umar, assessed that it is necessary to wait for the results or progress of the silent diplomatic approach carried out while Indonesia was chair of ASEAN, to deal with the Myanmar crisis.

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