August 29, 2023

Observers Are Sure Boss Wagner Is Still Alive after the Accident, How come?

Some observers believe that Yevgeny Prigozhin, the boss of the Russian mercenary Wagner Group, after the plane crash in Tver last week.
On social media X, military observer for Ukraine, Igor Sushko, said Prigozhin appeared to have faked his death through an accident on August 23. He believed that Prigozhin did this in order to roam around under a new identity.

“In general, an information scenario trying to convince the public that Prigozhin has died is too exaggerated to be true,” said Sushko.and careful preparation for a coup against Putin.”
Dmitry Utkin is the man who founded Wagner with Prigozhin. He has been a confidant of Prigozhin since Wagner was founded. Confirming his hypothesis, Sushko later said that two of Prigozhin’s planes were flying close together when the incident occurred.

One plane crashed while the other flew half an hour later from Saint Petersburg to Moscow. This is the reverse route from the plane that crashed. “Prigozhin’s plane (RA-02795) crashed at 18.11pm local time on a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg,” Sushko wrote.

St Petersburg and landed safely in Moscow at 20:00 pm.

Likewise, a senior lecturer at Glasgow University political communications, Joanna Szostek, also assessed that there was a conspiracy behind the claims of Prigozhin’s death. He said the Russian government so often lies that it cannot be fully trust.
“Everyone knows that the Russian state lies a lot and state-controlled television channels lie quite a lot,” Szostek said, as quoted by ABC News last week. He highlighted the message “indicating” the fact that Prigozhin had passed away. According to him, “no one knows for sure” the actual facts. Marina Miron, a postdoctoral researcher in war studies at King’s College London, also said the world needed to be “very careful” in believing official Russian statements. “It is very possible that we will never know exactly what happened. Meanwhile, Keir Giles, Russia expert and senior consulting fellow at the Chatham House international relations think tank, said it could actually be someone else flying on Prigozhin’s behalf.
He also advise the public not to be surprise at any time Prigozhin appears somewhere, before his death is actually confirm. Similar to Giles, Miron also said that Prigozhin was a person who often used other figures to trick other parties.

He also frequently used fake names and documents to protect his real location.

“He is very aware of his personal safety and the security of his family. Using a surrogate and serving bait (to trick) is a step that makes a lot of sense for him,” said Miron.
Similar to Sushko, Miron also doesn’t believe Prigozhin is traveling with Utkin. He found it odd that two important people were traveling on the same jet. It is basic operational security not to fly two famous people on the same flight,” Miron said. Prigozhin was report dead after the plane he was traveling in, Embraer Legacy, crashed in Tver, Russia, on August 23. He along with a number of confidants, including Utkin, were traveling from Moscow to St Petersburg. Before crashing, the plane dived sharply for 30 seconds and was record emitting smoke. Many people suspect that the private jet was hit a Russian missile defense. However, the Kremlin has denied it hit Prigozhin’s plane.

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