September 4, 2023

North Korea’s suggestions about the resumption of tourism

North Korea
North Korea

However, there are still some questions despite North Korea’s suggestions about the resumption of tourism

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North Korea may have a reputation as the hermit kingdom, but the impoverished country may soon start to allow a few tourists inside for the first time since the pandemic.

For the first time since January 2020, flights on North Korea’s national airline Air Koryo started service in late August between the country’s capital Pyongyang and Vladivostok, Russia, and Beijing, China. This action suggested that a larger reopening would be forthcoming.

Tour operators speculate about the potential return of tourist entry into North Korea because it is difficult to receive information from North Korean authorities.

North Korea’s

The general manager of Koryo Tours, a China-based business that specialized in group travel to North Korea, is Simon Cockerell. He one of many members of the travel business who left strand in 2020 after North Korea closed its already impenetrable borders.

It made clear by Cockerell that there is no tourist ministry. As a result, no top government officials or other people of that sort engage in tourism. He and his colleagues are left with no choice but to wait and make assumptions due to the sporadic availability of information.

Consider a business that is unable to access its market for three and a half years, leaving it without clients or revenue. That is how challenging it has been, he claims.

In order to keep afloat, though not at its earlier level, Koryo Group also runs tours to other Asian locations like Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

While Cockerell sees the return of some international flights as encouraging, he claims that even if tour operators like his are permitt to resume their travels, it’s impossible to predict whether vaccinations, quarantines, and other Covid-era regulations will still be in place.

Prior to the outbreak, travel to North Korea was authorize but severely limited.

American perspective
Even if leisure travel to North Korea were once again feasible, Americans would not form a significant portion of any tour groups.

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