August 14, 2023

Neymar is just one step away from moving to Saudi Arabia, Barcelona’s reunion mission has failed miserably

Paris Saint-Germain star, Neymar, is reportedly staying closer to Saudi Arabian club, Al Hilal. His former club, Barcelona, ​​was forced to bite the bullet because he failed to reunite with the Brazilian player.

On Monday (14/08/2023) morning WIB, European transfer expert journalist, Fabrizio Romano, gave details about the Neymar transfer process.

According to him, Al Hilal is preparing official documents to be examined today to finalize the Neymar deal.

“The player has agreed to the move, a two-year contract – the lawyers will sort it out,” said Romano.

“Al Hilal has ordered a medical test, just waiting for the green light from the Neymar camp,” he wrote.

Then what is the fate of Barcelona. Even though Barca had prepared a package for Neymar?

Failed Scenario

Previously, it was widely imagined that Neymar would leave PSG this season. Along with this news, it is said that the agile 31-year-old striker will return to his most beautiful ex, Barcelona.

It’s just that, the move plan was not frozen palms. The thing is, before joining Camp Nou, Neymar was first brought in to a Saudi Arabian club.

The Saudi Arabian club then loaned Neymar to Barcelona during the 2023/2024 season. So far, the Saudi Arabian club has not been clearly stated.

If in the end the scenario goes smoothly, then Barcelona actually arrives in vain. How could it not be, the Spanish giant, which is still in a financial crisis, had to spend a lot of money to pay Neymar’s salary.

SPORT reports that Barcelona is willing to pay a maximum salary of 12 million euros or the equivalent of IDR 201.2 billion (net) to Neymar.

Given the size of Neymar’s current salary at PSG, the value offered by the Blaugrana is clearly very small. But Barcelona can still be a little relieved, because the Saudi Arabian club is also ready to make a statue.

Neymar’s move to Barcelona is even clearer because there is a real move between the agent, Pini Zahavi, and Neymar’s father. The goal is clear, namely negotiations with Saudi Arabian clubs and Barcelona.

The silent operation will install Neymar on a four-year contract with the Saudi-based club and then spend one season at Barça.

But it all comes back to the results of the meeting with PSG management which is scheduled for next week. As it turned out, the Goddess of Fortune was not on Barcelona’s side. Now, Neymar is even closer to moving to Al Hilal.