September 5, 2023

Moutai Luckin coffee? Luckin is incorporating the spiciness

Luckin Coffee
Luckin Coffee

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Alcoholic lattes, Luckin Coffee has partnered with Kweichow Moutai, the producer of China’s fiery national liquor baijiu.

On Monday, the well-known Chinese coffee company launched the so-called “sauce-flavored latte” with a shot of booze for 38 yuan ($5.20). For a limited time, customers who place an order using an online coupon would be eligible for a 50% discount, it stated.

The word “sauce” in the name appears to refer to the liquor’s mildly savory overtones, which some consumers have likened to soy sauce.

Luckin Coffee

The novel beverage soon gained popularity on Chinese social media, where several users questioned if it was suitable for on-the-go consumption. With 430 million views, the topic “Can we drive a car after drinking that Moutai coffee?” was the most popular on the social media site Weibo on Monday.

Baijiu from Moutai is a throat-tingling spirit with a normal alcohol content of 53%.

Due to its intense taste, the clear, powerful spirit has earned the nickname “firewater.” At Chinese official banquets and corporate gatherings, the red-and-white bottles of Moutai’s signature drink, “Feitian,” or “Flying Fairy,” are a standard.

According to Luckin, the overall alcohol content of its new partnership with Luckin is roughly 0.5%, with each cup containing only a very small amount of booze.

However, the business advises against consuming the latte if you are driving, an adolescent, or pregnant.

The new beverage is Moutai’s most recent attempt to broaden the range of its products. It is provided to consumers with a burst of whipped cream on top.

In the city of Zunyi, in the Guizhou region of southwest China, the company opened a Moutai ice cream shop last year, offering consumers spiked treats. This was another unexpected application of the liquor.

As of a year later, the format had sold roughly 10 million cups, the business reported in a statement this May.

Following its expulsion from Wall Street three years ago due to a fraud issue, Luckin Coffee has recovered with consumers.

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