August 21, 2023

Meeting of ASEAN Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governors, the First Time Timor Leste Attends

Meeting of ASEAN Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governors, the First Time Timor Leste Attends. The second Meeting of Ministers of Finance and Central Bank. Governors (AFMGM) will take place from 22-25 August 2023. A number of countries are known to be attending and not attending, who are they? What’s new is that this year the AFMGM will also invite Timor Leste for the first time said Head of the Center for Regional and Bilateral Policy of the Ministry of Finance Yogi Rahmayanti when met in the Senen area, Central Jakarta on Monday, August 21, 2023.

He explained that this was in accordance with the approval of Timor Leste to become a member of ASEAN

The country will participate as an observer at the AFMGM this time. In addition, principals from ASEAN countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Laos will be present physically or offline . It is known that Myanmar was not present. Except for Myanmar, because we know that Myanmar has a domestic crisis due to conflict. So, the principle will not exist said Yogi. Furthermore Yogi explained that the 2023 2nd AFMGM would discuss the targets set at the first meeting which took place last March. In addition, Ministers of Finance and Governors of Central Banks throughout ASEAN will also discuss developments in the world economy that are running fast, unpredictable and unpredictable.

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And also other challenges, there is the Russia-Ukraine war, there are interest rate policies in America

then there are also indications of an economic slowdown in China he said. Meanwhile, Director of the International Department of Bank Indonesia Iss Savitri Hafid said there were three pillars of Indonesia’s chairmanship agenda in ASEAN from the central bank’s point of view, namely recovery-rebuilding , digital economy , and sustainability . BI also pushed for the discussion of LCT ( local currency transaction ), previously LCS ( local currency settlement ), now we are pushing it even further. LCT will try to approach it from various directions,” Iss said on the same occasion. Not only settlement in the local currency. He said, but how can support from digitalization infrastructure be. Ensur and utilized not only at the wholesale trade and investment level , but also at the retail level.