August 21, 2023

International News: Transcontinental Love for Africa

Transcontinental The relationship Africa between partners during the distribution of agricultural. Equipment assistance some time ago made the residents familiar with Tzu Chi volunteers. Hands clasped together and saying “Gan En” is their way of greeting volunteers. Health social services at Lamego Middle School will start soon. The flow of social services is adjusted to the previous planning. The local (local) volunteers are in charge of setting up tables and chairs. Guiding participants according to the provisions and prioritizing elderly patients. Women and children as well as those suffering from chronic illnesses can be served first. In the field, clear points are also provided, and at each stage of the inspection there are local volunteers who assist so that the health service process can run smoothly.

Liao Jingxing from the Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) in the United States specifically advised Lamego Village residents to realize the importance of maintaining healthy teeth. The Tzu Chi Medical Team in the health service also specifically brought 500 adult and children’s toothbrushes to distribute to them. Local (African) volunteers have also been prepared in the social service waiting area to deliver health socialization to villagers.

Drg. Liao Jingxing from TIMA USA specifically advised, “Instead of giving them candy, it’s best to teach them how to brush their teeth.”

On august 21, the Tzu Chi Medical Team moved to Lamego Village, Nhamatanda District, Sofala Province, Mozambique to prepare for a health service the next day at Lamego Middle School. Along the way, from the main road that connects Mozambique with Zimbabwe, you can still see traces of roads damaged by flood erosion. Some of the flood waters have not receded, and the meadows are still visible with water.

School Assistance to Improve Education Quality

Lamego Village is right on the bend of the river. A large amount of water discharge accumulated here, causing severe flooding in Sofala Province. Help from outside is also almost unable to enter this area (isolated). Before carrying out the health social service, the team members first conducted a survey in the village. most of the houses there were made of new bricks, because their old houses had been turned into piles of sand by the floods. Those who could afford them had to rebuild their homes from bricks, while those who couldn’t could only continue to live in tents, enduring the hot and stuffy environment. Even though the government expects residents to return to their homes as soon as possible, most of them are still unable to go home because their houses which are in low places are still flooded.

Head of Tzu Chi Taizhong Hospital Dr. Jian Shouxin and CEO of Taiwan’s Da Ai TV Ye Shushan specially came to the area where the relief materials were distributed in the hope of delivering the most sincere prayers for the disaster victims.

After surveying the village (residential settlements), the team of volunteers headed to Lamego Elementary School. Lamego Elementary School is a branch of Lamego Middle School. Initially this school had more than three thousand students. Children who are going to school must pass through the big road to go to school. Due to frequent accidents, a branch elementary school was established in the village.

Lamego Elementary School was only established not long ago, the number of students reaches 1,090 people, and the facilities available are very lacking. To build a classroom alone, it is necessary for all students to bring two bricks from home every day, after which middle or high school students will assemble them into classrooms. However, the walls of the classrooms are made of only two or three bricks, while the other classrooms only have dry grass roofs. In the classroom there are also no desks and chairs, nor are there blackboards and teacher’s desks, in fact the principal’s house is used as the school office.

The First Health Social Service, Joint Service

The next day, the health service at Lamego Middle School started immediately. In the field, clear points are also provided, and at each stage of the inspection there are local volunteers who assist so that the health service process can run smoothly.

The Principal of Lamego School, Sarah, has taught at this school for 19 years. In conditions that are so difficult to improve the quality of education is not easy, but he did not give up because the future of children depends on education.

 Li Yibang, who has been to various countries, has done health services. In the poor country of Mozambique, the condition of the people who suffer from tooth decay is not severe. Drg. Li Yibang said, “This is the first time I have been to Africa to carry out health services, because it is more remote here, there are rarely opportunities for residents to eat sweet foods, so we have to promote good health, teach them how to maintain healthy teeth.”

The news about social services spread from mouth to mouth. Today (May 27 2019), more and more residents are coming to take part in dental health services. In addition, there were five dentists from the Central Hospital Universidade Católica de Moçambique (UCM) who helped with the health service this time. Their arrival really helped the social service activities this time. To save on transportation costs, some of them walked for more than two hours to get to the hotel and met with the health social service team. After the social service is over, they have to walk again to go home. This is because of their (medical team’s) love and concern for the residents.

During the dental health service, a young local volunteer, Richard, holding a teaching aid and a toothbrush, was serious about disseminating health information to the villagers.

Social services for public health are also very busy. Head of Tzu Chi Xindian Hospital, Dr. Zhao Youcheng served the first patient, a man whose chest swelled up like a woman’s. Dr. Zhao said that if a man endocrine glands have problem. They should be examine in detail. Dr. Lin Yuying took care of many children who had fevers of up to 39 degrees. From the results of rapid screening. It is know that dozens of children suffer from malaria and must be treat immediately.

The acupuncture service started yesterday. There are many patients who come for treatment. Dr. Zheng Yizhe was very thorough. After every acupuncture, he asked the patient to move his arms and legs. Being able to raise arms, legs or stand straight, this is to ensure that the patient is okay.

Sharing Help and Sincere Prayers

In the afternoon, Tzu Chi volunteers distributed aid packages to 160 refugee families living in temporary white tents. Local (African) volunteers also helped unload and assemble aid packages containing. Cauldrons, buckets, saws, nails, iron wire, knives, hammers, pliers, hoes, shovels, corn and six packs of various types of seeds, bean flowers, corn flour, and rice. In total, there are 14 types of staple food (staple goods), each pack weighing 10 kg.

The Universidade Católica de Moçambique (UCM) Central Hospital this time deployed 30 students majoring in medicine to help translate, as well as five doctors serving patients. Their presence was very helpful for social service activities this time.

Head of Tzu Chi Taizhong Hospital Dr. Jian Shouxin and CEO of Da Ai TV Taiwan Ye Shushan also came to the relief distribution site. Hoping to offer their most sincere prayers. Local volunteers were very enthusiastic to welcome them. Before starting the distribution of aid, local (local) volunteers first socialized Tzu Chi’s charitable mission. Spread the spirit of love, and gave love and care.

A prayer, a hope. The volunteers provided assistance. Praying for the beneficiaries to be release from suffering as soon as possible. And praying that next year residents would get a good harvest. So that the lives of (the beneficiaries) would be better.

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