September 1, 2023

Huge savings on Tesla Model 3 vehicles Indicate the Approaching


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The Tesla Model 3 entry-level all-electric vehicle, has recently experienced price reductions, with the most recent taking place in June. While those price cuts have typically ranged between $2,500 and $3,040, we are now hearing tales of in-stock 3s with discounts as high as $5,500. Although that may be excellent news for customers hoping to purchase a less expensive, still-new Tesla, it’s unlikely that this is an act of goodwill on the part of the American EV manufacturer. Instead, this information probably signals the arrival of a big update for the Model 3 that has been long anticipate.

Tesla Model 3

InsideEVs claims that the smallest Tesla vehicle is being phase out in preparation for the arrival of the newer 3 and that pre-built models that are still in Tesla’s inventory are selling for as little as $37,120. According to Tesla’s website, the price for a custom-ordered Model 3 RWD with the same base specifications would be $40,420 (tax incentives not include). It didn’t take long to uncover Model 3 RWD versions for less than that stated MSRP after looking at the current inventory in the area of the MotorTrend Los Angeles office.

The same price reductions are now affecting other Model 3s in Tesla’s inventory. For example, a Long Range Dual-Motor AWD model is now available for $44,320 (list price: $47,240), while a Performance AWD model is now available for $47,920 (list price: $53,240). The average savings for Southern California consumers is therefore up to $5,320, but InsideEVs has observed discounts of up to $5,520 from a Performance version in Beverly Hills, California.

Once more, this is good news for anyone wishing to purchase a cheap Tesla without running the danger of doing so through a private party or used car dealer. Given that manufacturers often use incentives or price reductions to move out their older inventory to make room for newer products, this clearly suggests the Model 3 update that is suppose to be coming soon.

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