August 26, 2023

How Louboutin battled valiantly for his signature red


The red soles of Louboutin shoes are well-known. It merits a large television series since it is one of the most talked-about legal sagas in the industry. According to Ingrid Zafrani, a lawyer at the Paris bar who specializes in intellectual property law. Since 2006, the upscale shoemaker has been involved in a number of complex legal challenges to defend this well-known and frequently imitated trait.

As with every good tale, Christian Louboutin has retold the original tale numerous times. His Italian manufacturer submitted a prototype of a silk satin shoe to his workshop in 1993. The designer was surprised that it didn’t match his sketch and began searching for an error. The piece just appeared uninteresting.


He looked at it from every angle and saw that the thick, black sole was not depicted on the design. When the designer saw his assistant painting her nails a rich, vivid red, he took the bottle and started painting the sole on his own initiative. The Louboutin red made its debut.

Brand was at first very avaricious
The brand was a huge success right away, significantly beyond expectations. These stilettos with their dizzying heels and crimson soles were a huge hit with American celebs. They have all displayed their Louboutin stilettos, catapulting them to pop cultural fame. Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez (who even wrote a song about them, “Louboutins”), and Sarah Jessica Parker are just a few.

However, success breeds imitation. “Being imitated might make you famous, but it can also make you a failure! The evil of copying has always existed in the history of fashion. When you’ve been copied, you have little choice but to defend yourself, particularly if you’ve based your brand on a unique feature. In Louboutin’s instance, the crimson sole is the focal point of his entire strategy. They are on all of his shoes, according to fashion historian Xavier Chaumette.

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