September 14, 2023

G20 welcomes the African Union as a member


The AU’s inclusion in the G20, making it the second regional bloc to do so after the European Union, enjoyed broad support.

As the host of this year’s annual summit. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Saturday, September 9. That the Group of 20 leading international economies had welcomed the African Union as a member. Bolstering his efforts to give the Global South a stronger voice. A few hours later, Modi gleefully declare. To cheers that the final G20 statement have been agree upon albeit he made no mention of its specifics. The adoption of an agreement have been seriously questione due to member conflicts. Most notably those pertaining to the conflict in Ukraine.

During his opening remarks for the weekend G20 conference, Modi confirmed the AU’s membership. Reaching agreement on the most difficult topics. Threatened to be difficult due to widening global divisions and the absence of important parties. However there was broad support. For making the AU the second regional organization to join the G20 permanently after the European Union. Before announcing the change amid cheers from the audience, Modi tapped his gavel three times. President Azali Assoumani of the Comoros. Have give a warm embrace and a handshake before being give the opportunity to take a seat at the table.

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Concretized solutions

The AU’s inclusion at the outset was a significant step in the right direction because Modi has made it. A priority to give the Global South a voice at this year’s summit. He urged leaders to come up with “concrete solutions”. For the many problems he claimed were brought on by the “ups and downs in the global economy. The north and south divide, the chasm between the east and the west,” as well as other problems including terrorism. Cybersecurity, health, and water security. Behind a nameplate that read “Bharat,”. An old Sanskrit term supported by his Hindu nationalist allies and one that his administration has been championing at the G20, Modi addressed the attendees.

India wishes to focus greater attention on meeting the needs of the poor world at the summit given that the majority of the world’s attention is on Russia’s conflict in Ukraine, even if it is impossible to separate many issues, such food and energy security, from the European conflict. At least a fifth of the G20 leaders weren’t present when the summit officially began. The decision by the leaders of Russia and China to stay away prevented difficult face-to-face discussions about a number of disagreements, most notably the war in Ukraine, with their American and European counterparts. Following a positive Covid-19 test, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro S├ínchez canceled his attendance, and President of Mexico also made the decision to skip it.

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