September 12, 2023

Former rebels in Mali assert that they are at war.


All inhabitants of the northern Azawad region were urged to “go to the field to contribute to the war effort,” according to the Coordination of Azawad Movements, an association of Tuareg-dominated factions seeking autonomy or independence from the Malian state.

Because a statement obtained by AFP, the former rebels from the Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA) in northern Mali. They are just declare that they were engage in a “time of war” with the ruling junta. Recent weeks have seen a rise in tension in the area. Partly due to the upcoming withdrawal of UN peacekeeping forces from Mali.

In a statement that was also share on social media, the CMA, an alliance of Tuareg-dominated organizations . Seeking autonomy or independence from the Malian state, urged all citizens of the northern Azawad region to “go to the field to contribute to the war effort.” The CMA stated in the statement that its goal was to “regain control of the entire territory”. By “defending and protecting the homeland.” There was theĀ A group identifying itself as the “Azawadian National Army” signed the first document.

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The CMA further urged citizens to avoid “Wagner terrorists” in their statement. It is widely assume that the Russian Wagner paramilitaries provided support to the military junta in Mali. Mali saw two military coups: the first in August 2020 and the second in May 2021. In the midst of escalating violence, a 2015 peace accord between the government and the CMA. Known as the “Algiers Agreement,” has been dangling by a thread. In response to an attack the CMA reported on Saturday. That it had shot down an army plane in the Gao region. Additionally, the eastern Gao region’s governorate said on Sunday. It had imposed a 30-day nightly ban between the hours of 8:00 pm and 6:00 am. With the exception of security vehicles.

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