September 6, 2023

First Look at the 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain


Mercedes enthusiasts may be wondering where the more uncommon station wagon variant is since the new E-Class sedan won’t be available until 2024. The newest-generation E-Class wagon is now available, and like previously, it’s only offer in “All-Terrain” form, at least until the anticipated fire-breathing Mercedes-AMG E63 variation joins the range later.


You may remember that Mercedes discontinued the regular-grade E-Class wagon with the previous generation, choosing to launch the E-Class All-Terrain in 2020. Call it a risky move; although Benz’s E-Class wagon customers are among the brand’s most devoted consumers overall, their numbers aren’t particularly large.

Mercedes likely reasoned that adding some butch plastic cladding and a higher ride height to what is otherwise the same exquisite estate car it sells elsewhere in the globe would help it draw in more customers to the luxury wagon market. Additionally, AMG will be please to sell you the much more expensive, considerably quicker E63 if you prefer a conventional, car-height wagon.

A Quiet Subaru with Three Points
The new generation model of the E-Class All-Terrain is less overtly SUV-like, at least based on these early photographs. There is less of the same black plastic covering the front and rear bumpers, and it seems to be thinner around each wheel well opening than before. The All-Terrain thus resembles vintage Benz wagons that have been offered since 1978 as part of the regular E-Class selection just a little bit more.

With a flowing body that appears long and slim, the newest E wagon is even more attractive than its predecessor, cladding or not. The All-Terrain has updated taillights adorned with flashing three-pointed stars as well as a revised grille that integrates into the headlights, just like the new E sedan.

The body benefits from a slightly longer wheelbase, adding the same 0.87 inches (to 116.6 inches) as the sedan, which Mercedes claims results in more room in the backseat.

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