September 14, 2023

‘Fake heiress’ Anna Delvey’s rooftop fashion presentation, held while she is under house arrest

Fake Heiress
Fake Heiress

During New York Fashion Week, ‘Fake heiress’ large crowds and opulent settings are standard. But occasionally the smallest spaces make the biggest impressions.

On Monday, a crowded rooftop event thrown by a felon named Anna Delvey. Turned into one of the city’s most unique runways in recent memory. And that’s before you factor in the pizza party after the show.

Fake heiress

While she files an appeal to stop her deportation, Delvey (actual name Sorokin) has been under house arrest for almost a year. After serving a two-year sentence for grand larceny, to Germany.

Along with other financial offenses, she spent an additional 18 months in immigration detention due to exceeding her visa’s validity. Her rise to social prominence in New York as a “fake heiress” and subsequent fall from grace due to financial institution fraud.

And other instances involving more than $200,000 were detailed in a book and numerous media stories. Written by a former best friend, “Inventing Anna” was dramatized in the Netflix miniseries last year.

Delvey’s participation in New York Fashion Week, or, really, any event that required her to be outside, might have been constrained due to her court-ordered ankle monitor.

Any occasion where she would go outside might have been restricted. But as it turned out, she was able to attend fashion week thanks to a formidable PR. Kelly Cutrone is the proprietor of the PR firm People’s Revolution.

The OutLaw Agency is the name of the new “pop-up fashion PR agency” that the two have established. Shao Yan was the first designer they featured.

Although Delvey’s taste in fashion is well known—her meticulously selected courtroom outfits frequently. Went viral during her 2019 trial—her participation in a runway display has prompted suspicion.
But the day after the program, in a video conference with CNN, Delvey expertly assumed the position of publicist.

“I love the clothes — I would never have done this if we didn’t love the collection,” she remarked. She laughed and replied, “Because, yeah, I mean, I can get publicity doing anything.”

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