September 8, 2023

Exclusive: The CDC expects its new “Wild to Mild”


Since almost everyone can recall a season when they received a flu shot but still fell ill, some Americans have given up on getting them.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are currently trying to change people’s perceptions of what these yearly vaccinations can and cannot do.


It is releasing new with the intention of boosting consumer confidence in vaccines. Although the flu shot won’t prevent infection, it will control it, turning it from “Wild to Mild”—the slogan of the current ad.

Infectious illness expert Dr. Bill Schaffner of Vanderbilt University believes the CDC is on the right track. With these. According to him, misconceptions exist about the benefits of flu vaccines.

We have tested the efficacy of the flu vaccination in the same way we assess. The efficacy of all other vaccines for measles, polio, and whooping cough. According to Schaffner, who is a member of an expert group that advises the CDC on vaccines. We have analyzed how well a vaccine fully prevents disease.

That standard is too high for respiratory viruses, according to Schaffner.

The immunizations aren’t very effective at preventing less severe illness from various respiratory viruses, including the flu. They do a far better job of avoiding the severe problems. 

Schaffner stated, “And I believe we have not been very clear in conveying that information.”We must take that into account.We must acknowledge that it won’t stop that minor illness. However, this is the advantage.

The frightening animal, like a tiger, with a cute animal, such a kitten.

Every person 6 months of age and older is advised to get an annual flu shot in September and October. Starting this week, the new radio commercials and advertisements will air on social media platforms. Because vaccination rates are declining in both of these high-risk groups, pregnant women and parents of small children are the main target populations.

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