August 17, 2023

U.S. President Joe Biden Sends Message to Indonesian President Joko Widodo on the 78th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence

President Joe Biden Sends > On the occasion of Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day, President Joe Biden of the United States conveyed a heartfelt message to President Joko Widodo, emphasizing the longstanding friendship and cooperation between the two nations. This article delves into the essence of President Biden’s message, highlighting the bilateral ties that bind the […]

August 16, 2023

Australia Implements Rugby Diplomacy Against Pacific Nations.

Australia Implements Rugby Diplomacy Against Pacific Nations. Seven Pacific nations will stage a rugby league championship in October. Australia will provide A$7 million in funding for the Pacific interstate rugby league championship. The move to ‘rugby diplomacy’ is seen as an escalation of Australia’s soft power amid competition with China for influence in the Pacific. […]

August 16, 2023

Russian Giant Aircraft Abandoned on the Beach, Used to Make the US Goosebumps

Russian Giant Aircraft – One of the giant-sized aircraft made in Russia has a pathetic fate Now abandoned on themm. Beach when it used to give the United States chills The Russian MD-160 hybrid aircraft were designed in 1975 and. Were actually In service with the Soviet and Russian navies from 1987 during the final […]