August 22, 2023

France Declares a Heatwave Emergency in the South

France Declares a Heatwave Emergency in the South. The highest danger status in the four departments, Rhone, Drome, Ardeche and Haute-Loire, came into effect at 16:00 local time, Monday (21/8). According to records from the meteorological agency, Meteo France, the air temperature will range from 35 to 38 degrees Celsius. The highest temperature of 41 […]

August 22, 2023

Thai Property King Srettha Thavisin Elected as Prime Minister

Thai Property King Srettha Thavisin Elect as Prime Minister. Real estate magnate Srettha Thavisin received support from the Thai parliament on Tuesday. August 22, 2023 to become prime minister of Thailand . Srettha’s election paved the way for a new coalition government and ended weeks of uncertainty and political stalemate. Srettha, was thrust into the spotlight a […]

August 22, 2023

Putin Cancels In-Person Attendance, Joins 2023 BRICS Summit via Video

In an unexpected turn of events. Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced his decision to forgo in-person attendance at the 2023. BRICS Summit and will instead participate via video conferencing. The BRICS summit which gathers the leaders of Brazil Russia India China and South Africa. Is a significant platform for discussing international cooperation and strategic […]

August 22, 2023

Russian Mines Pose Challenge for Ukraine, F-16s Sought as Solution

Russian Mines As tensions escalate along the Ukrainian border, the presence of Russian-laid landmines has presented a formidable challenge for Ukrainian forces. In response to the growing threat, Ukraine is considering acquiring F-16 fighter jets to bolster its capabilities and counter the mine-laden landscape. The issue of landmines, particularly those suspected to be of Russian […]

August 21, 2023

Joyful Indonesian Community in Geelong, Australia Celebrates Indonesian Independence Day to Relieve Longing

Geelong a picturesque city in Australia. Came alive with vibrant colors cheerful songs and the spirit of togetherness as the Indonesian. Community gathered to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day. The event served as a heartwarming reminder of home and a chance for Indonesians.  Living in Geelong to reconnect with their cultural roots while being far away […]