August 23, 2023

BM-21 Mini-Grad, Ukrainian Mini Rocket Launcher Made from Ex-Soviet Weapon Components

BM-21 Ukraine has made a mini rocket launcher using components taken from war machines from the Soviet Union . This tool is used to accompany the Western aid war machine. The Mini-Grad launcher uses the pipes of former Soviet-designed BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers developed in the 1960s, and can be mounted on pickup trucks, providing additional mobility for the Kyiv counteroffensive that began in early June. We have equipment that we call mini-Grad. This equipment is made of BM-21 Grad pipe material which is placed on an open pickup truck so it is very easy to transport, said a Ukrainian soldier with a kal sign “Gall” told Reuters in the southeastern region of Zaporizhzhia, Tuesday, August 22, 2023.

We tried to make it more precise than the Grad

They have the same shooting pattern, but thanks to the. Extra aiming mechanism and shorter range we tried to make the mini-Grad more precise. Gall a member of Ukraine’s 108th. Separate Territorial Defense Brigade, said the mini-Grad was not as accurate as the advanced. HIMARS rocket system that Kyiv received from the United States, but allowed it to approach enemy lines. I can’t say that we hit the target with higher precision compared to the BM-21, but we were able to get closer (to the target).” he says.

Another soldier with the callsign Luka said the mini-Grad has a timer

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helping protect those operating it, and launch station volunteer Yurii Osokolanskyi said there was room. For three rockets fewer than the BM-21 Grad. Why? Because we are confident that the three rockets will land where we need them. Rather ineffective firing 10 eight or two rockets at a single target he said. We fired three rockets with precision. Soldiers can then change their position, reload, and continue firing at different targets.

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