October 23, 2023

Become King for a Day by Staying at 5 English Castle Hotels

England has a wide variety of castles, which have a very interesting history dating back centuries. From medieval fortifications to opulent Tudor residences, every castle has witnessed the most important events and played an important role in shaping the country’s past.
Several castles in England have been converted into luxury hotels. Here are 5 castles that you can visit while in England to feel like a king and queen overnight while staying at the castle.

Amberley Castle in West Sussex

Amberley Castle is located in the countryside of Amberley, West Sussex. The castle was originally a noble house during medieval times and was home to King Henry VIII, King Charles II, and Queen Elizabeth II for several centuries.
This castle is in the form of a stone wall equipped with fortifications built around the top of the castle which are useful for shooting arrows or cannons, double gates and twin tower entrances. There are gardens around the castle for guests to stroll around to watch peacocks or play croquet, tennis or golf on the 18-hole course.

Bovey Castle on Dartmoor, Devon

Located within the Dartmoor National Park, it is the largest castle having 59 rooms and has 22 three-storey country cottages nearby. Bovey built on land purchased in the 19th century.
Originally this castle was an Edwardian country estate which eventually converted into a luxury hotel. The scenery around this castle is very beautiful, so guests can enjoy facilities such as playing golf, watching eagles, and a spa that can soothe the body.

Thornbury Castle in Gloucestershire

Thornbury Castle dates from the early 16th century. Originally this castle was the home of nobles during the European Middle Ages. The castle has 27 bedrooms decorated with a stunning stone facade with medieval-style walls and gun embrasures, oriel windows, and neatly landscaped Tudor gardens set in expansive grounds. The interior of the castle is design to be very luxurious, including ancient era decorations, four-poster beds and silk wall hangings.

Augill Castle in Cumbria

Augil Castle a castle built in 1800 locate in the Eden Valley. The castle has 17 rooms for rent, which are equip with small towers. Around the castle there is the beautiful Eden Valley and the views of the countryside are amazing. Inside the castle there is also a small bar provided for guests who want to enjoy a glass of wine with a very beautiful view of the castle.

Langley Castle in Northumberland

This castle dates from the 14th century and has a majestic and historic design in England. However, this castle has modern facilities for guests such as a spa, sauna and beds with modern designs.

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