September 7, 2023

At an airline, Tom Brady has a new position


Delta AirLine has hired Tom Brady as a new employee.

The seven-time Super Bowl winner has joined Delta to assist on internal staff training and participate in outside advertising campaigns as he expands his post-NFL business pursuits.

Brady would work as a “strategic adviser” for Delta, the airline announced on Wednesday.
According to the corporation, Brady will collaborate with Delta to create and offer advice on “teamwork tools” for the airline’s more than 90,000 employees as well as take part in a few marketing initiatives.

Tom Brady

In his first year, Brady will assist Delta employees with “onboarding, cultural familiarity, and immersion” into the firm. He will also take part in a video series hosted by Delta CEO Ed Bastian that features corporate executives, philanthropists, and other notable figures.

Although the specifics of the collaboration were vague, Allen Adamson, a marketing specialist and co-founder of consulting company Metaforce, said it seemed like Delta wanted to employ Brady as more than just a famous spokesperson for the brand in advertising.

Younger customers, he asserted, find celebrity endorsements less believable. “Delta is attempting to look at how to internally leverage the association.”

Brady might participate in training sessions for staff members to talk about cooperation and handling adversity, according to Adamson.

There is a long history and a poor track record for these types of celebrity employment agreements.

BlackBerry appointed Alicia Keys (get it? keys…) as “creative director” in 2013, and she immediately tweeted about it – on an iPhone. She claimed to have been hacked. Just a year later, the collaboration came to an end.

Intel brought in will.Around the same period, Lady Gaga was hired as the creative director by both Polaroid and After a few years, both left.

Beyoncé Knowles joined Adidas as a creative partner in 2019. This cooperation came to an end.

Brady has been getting more interested in commercial endeavors lately.

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