August 18, 2023

Abu Mahdi, The New Specter of Iranian Weapons

Abu Mahdi The New Specter of Iranian Weapons. In July Iran launched a new cruise missile which it named Abu Mahdi after the United States deployed additional warships to the Persian Gulf.¬† ,Name of this missile is taken from the name of the Iraqi Shiite militia leader who was killed in a US airstrike in January 2020, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. Iran says the missile, which can reach up to 1,000 kilometers and uses artificial intelligence, has been built by experts at the Aerospace Industries Organization AIO a division of Iran’s Defense Ministry.

Citing military officials Iranian state media said the missile which carries a highly explosive warhead is capable of bypassing air defense systems and striking targets.¬†During the handover ceremony Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy commander Alireza Tangsiri, said enemy ships had to be thousands of kilometers away to avoid being hit by the Abu Mahdi’s missiles.

He described the Abu Mahdi as one of the best missiles in its class in the world. Tangsiri said the missile has dual tracking and is design to be used in. Electronic warfare as well as fly at low altitudes to avoid enemy radars. The announcement comes one week after the Pentagon announced it was directing additional amphibious warships and an expeditionary Marine to the Persian Gulf. On instructions from US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, US Central Command dispatched the amphibious warfare ships USS Bataan and USS Carter Hall as well as members of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit to the waters.

Through this action the United States also shows its commitment

ensuring freedom of navigation and deterring Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region the Defense Department statement said. Abu Mahdi is believ to be a derivative of the. Noor cruise missile which has a range of up to 700 kilometers. Considered more advanced than Noor. With features such as the ability to fly above sea level and a more powerful warhead. Abu Mahdi is an important breakthrough for Iran’s missile program. Iran’s first cruise missile that can reach more than 1,000 kilometers. This missile gives Iran the capability to attack its neighbors. This missile is also a threat to US forces in the region.

Abu Mahdi was first disclos In 2021, and it is believ Iran has been operating it in recent years.

The US and its allies pay great attention to the Abu Mahdi missile because it gives. Iran the ability to strike targets in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. The missile’s ability to travel above sea level makes it difficult to detect and intercept.