September 2, 2023

7 Ways to Make an Economy Class Flight Feel Like Business Class

Main or business class seats often make economy class passengers jealous. In addition to wider and more comfortable seats, business class passengers also get more facilities such as food and entertainment.

However, economy seat passengers can also experience business class by following the tips suggested by, an online travel agent known for finding cheap flights.
Here are seven tips to make that economy class flight a little more comfortable.

1. Research

Visit the aircraft operator or airline’s webpage to see what types of seat sizes they offer and whether there is an option to book a particular seat with more legroom.
Most budget airlines only offer higher-priced seats and drinks. If lucky, passengers may be offered free drinks. So, it’s a good idea to see what they offer before ordering.

2. Choose a seat

Generally, the exit row always has the most legroom so it is often a struggle. All airlines have different seat spacing, but as a rule, try to book a seat in the front row, a seat in an exit row, or behind a partition. To get these seats, passengers must book in advance.

3. Bring your own sleeping needs

First class passengers are given small bags filled with toiletries and essentials to make sleeping easier. Some airlines do offer small bags in economy class containing items such as sleep masks and earplugs, so it’s worth checking what they provide.

The best way to ensure you can sleep is to bring your own. Prepare a travel pillow, blanket or poncho, and eye mask. An essential oil roller such as lavender will also help with sleep.

4. Buy noise-canceling headphones

Headphones are a bit expensive, but they will come in handy on the plane. Moreover, it can be used not only when flying.

If you don’t like the sound of crying babies or noisy children, buy wax earplugs which are more effective than foam ones because they can put them in your ears.

5. Sort entertainment

Many low-cost airlines offer no entertainment at all, so stock your phone with your favorite shows, movies, books, and whatever else you like to pass the time while flying.

6. Prepare your own equipment

Prepare supplies such as hand cream to eye drops, comb, lip balm, as well as a mini toothbrush and toothpaste that will keep you fresh throughout the flight. Mist can also be an alternative because the air on the plane can dehydrate the skin.

7. Prepare snacks

Airline food is not always delicious, especially in economy class. So, it’s better to buy something at the terminal, such as fruit, nuts or chips, before boarding the plane. Even delicious lunches can be purchased in advance.

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