October 27, 2023

7 Recommendations for Hot Springs in Sumatra that are Suitable for Relieving Tiredness

A holiday to Sumatra will be incomplete if you don’t enjoy its natural beauty. One of the interesting natural attractions to visit is the hot springs. You can visit hot springs in Sumatra as a solution to relieve fatigue.
Traveling to hot springs in Sumatra can also be an interesting way to fill your vacation and relax.
Moreover, soaking in a hot pool is believed to be effective in reducing stress. Apart from that, hot springs containing sulfur are believed to be able to treat skin diseases.
Interested in trying it? Here are 7 recommendations for hot springs in Sumatra that you can visit.

7 Hot Springs in Sumatra

Sidebuk-debuk Hot Springs

The hot springs in Berastagi can be an attractive choice for a holiday. The hot springs in the baths, which have been established since the 1990s, come from the active volcanic crater, Sibayak.
Apart from soaking in warm water, visitors can also enjoy cold water pool facilities whose temperature can be adjusted.
Not only that, the Sidebuk-debuk hot springs have many swimming pool options. That way, visitors can choose according to their wishes. Here there are also facilities such as restaurants and accommodation that visitors can enjoy.

Sipoholon Hot Springs

Sipoholon hot springs are located on Jalan Tarutung, Tapian Nauli, Sipoholon District, North Tapanuli Regency.
The water source in this bathing pool comes from the clear springs of Mount Martimbang. The high sulfur content makes this hot spring bath in Sumatra believed to be able to treat skin diseases.
Visitors who come here can not only swim in warm water pools, but can also climb the limestone hills. Not infrequently, the limestone hills at the Sipoholon hot springs are used by visitors as Instagrammable photo spots.

Sibayak Hot Springs

One of the hot spring bathing destinations in Sumatra which is quite popular is the Sibayak Natural Baths which are located in the Mount Sibayak area, North Sumatra.
This tourist spot is visited by many people because the entrance ticket is affordable. Here, you can swim in a special pool containing hot water mixed with sulfur which is said to help cure skin diseases.
While enjoying the warmth of the hot spring pool, you can take photos with the beautiful backdrop of Mount Sibayak. Apart from that, Sibayak Natural Baths also provides swimming pool services of your choice, a children’s water park area, clean public toilets, places to eat, interesting photo spots and a large relaxing area.

Padang Ganting Hot Springs

The next recommendation for hot springs in Sumatra is the hot springs located in Padang Ganting, Tanah Datar, West Sumatra. In this place, you can enjoy a hot spring pool which is divided into several sections with various levels of heat.
One of the attractions of this bath is the separate bathing pools for men and women. So, visitors can swim here more freely because it provides a sense of security and protects visitors’ privacy.

Simolap Marike Hot Springs

Simolap Marike hot spring pool is located within the Gunung Leuser National Park complex. This bath offers a very natural feel. In this area, there are small showers that emit hot water from cracks in the rocks.
After enjoying a soak in the Marike hot springs, visitors can trek through the tropical forest area while following the natural river flow. When exploring this area, visitors will be treated to stunning natural views.

Ergendang Cave Hot Springs

Ergendang Cave Baths is one of the hot springs in North Sumatra, specifically Deli Serdang which is currently on the rise.
This place offers the experience of soaking in natural hot water in a cave. Therefore, this place is very suitable for contemplating and unwinding.
The water in this bath is very clear and comes from a natural source located in the cave. What’s interesting is that the cave walls at the Ergendang Cave baths have their own exotic charm, especially when sunlight enters through the gaps above the cave. Due to its natural water source, the water is so clear that it appears bright blue.

Pangururan People’s Aek Bath

Aek Rangat Pangururan is a hot spring located in Pangururan, Samosir. This bath is called “Aek rangat” which means hot water.
The hot water here is grayish white in color and is believed to have the ability to treat various minor skin problems, such as itching, ringworm and tinea versicolor.
This tourist destination also offers beautiful views of the clear Lake Toba. Apart from that, you can also enjoy views of the white limestone hills. Of course, this tour is a shame to miss when you visit Sumatra

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