November 11, 2023

6 Outlying Islands in Indonesia that are Interesting to Visit, You Can See a Flock of Dolphins

The outermost islands or usually combined into the Outermost Small Islands (PPKT) group are islands that cover an area of less than 2 thousand square kilometers and have geographic coordinate base points, which connect the archipelagic sea baselines in accordance with international and national law.
Indonesia is an archipelagic country consisting of 17,508 island groups and has three land borders and 10 maritime borders with neighboring countries. Quoting from the website of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, here are the 6 outermost islands in Indonesia which are famous for their natural beauty:

Natuna Island

Quoting from the Natuna Regency Tourism Office page, this island is the northernmost archipelago in the Karimata Strait. To the north, Natuna borders Vietnam and Cambodia. In the south it borders South Sumatra and Jambi. Then in the west with Singapore, Malaysia, Riau and in the east with East Malaysia and West Kalimantan.
Some beaches that must be visited on Natuna Island are Teluk Buton Beach and Sahi Beach. Apart from that, Natuna Island also has a small island called Senua Island. This island is famous for its turtle conservation center and educational tourism. Visitors can also snorkel to see hundreds of coral reefs that are still well preserved on this island.

Marampit Island

Marampit Island is located in North Sulawesi. This 12 square kilometer island directly borders the Philippines. This island has three villages, namely Marampit Village, Laluhe Village, and Dampulis Village.
There are many activities that can be done on Marampit Island. Starting from beach tourism such as diving and island hopping, seeing endemic flora and fauna firsthand, to historical tourism visiting karst forts inherited from the Bantek Kingdom.

Rote Island

Indonesia’s outermost island is located in the Sawi Sea, and borders the Indian Ocean to the south. One of the interesting beaches on this island is Nemberala Beach.
This white sandy beach is a popular tourist destination for tourists who like surfing. This is because this beach has waves that are as high as 7 meters which are challenging. Meanwhile, if visitors are looking for a quiet beach, they can come to Telaga Nirwana Beach. This beach is famous for its calm and crystal clear water flow.

Miangas Island

This island is located on the border between Indonesia and the Philippines and is in the Talaud Islands Regency. This island, which is known as “Palmas”, has many beautiful beach tourist destinations. One of them is Merra Beach, a beach with fine white sand and refreshing sea water.

Weh Island

Visitors can come to Iboih Beach to calm down while enjoying the beauty of the sunrise. Visitors can also enjoy exotic natural rocks with beautiful sparkling golden white sand.
If you want to explore underwater, visitors can come to Sumur Tiga Beach. Only 10 minutes from Sabang City, this beach offers marine beauty in a beautiful and natural environment.

Liki Island

Liki Island is the outermost island of Indonesia which directly faces the Pacific Ocean. This island is famous for its exotic underwater beauty. Visitors will be greeted with clean white sand beaches and clear, graded sea water. Tourists can also watch flocks of dolphins which often appear from morning to afternoon.

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