November 13, 2023

5 Panamanian tourist destinations that must be visited

Recently, Panama has often been heard about because it will compete with the Indonesian National Team in the 2023 U-17 World Cup. Apart from observing the strength of the Panama National Team, the beauty of this country also needs to be looked at. Of course, Panama is a tourist destination with its own uniqueness.
Panama has similarities with Indonesia. The natural landscape is almost the same. Consists of mountains, stretches of coast, mangrove forests and other areas.
If you have plans or even want to travel to Panama, has summarized 10 places you must visit in Panama. These places were reported by as Panama’s official tourism site. Here’s the list:

Bocas del Toro

This province is located on the northwestern tip of Panama, which does not make this region remote. Just a 45-minute flight from Panama City will bring you perfect surfing spots and beautiful coral reefs. Consisting of continental land areas and islands, this region is endless for exploration. In this place there is also the traditional village of Nasi Tjer Di which offers the sensation of staying overnight.


The province with the same name as the country is the busiest area. Located east of the Panama Canal area, it is not surprising that this place is a world traffic route. Apart from being busy and of course its vibrant economy, it turns out that this city was declared a Creative City for Gastronomy by UNESCO. Of course, this makes Panama the right culinary tourism destination


This province is famous for the only volcano in Panama, namely Volcano Baru. Of course, with the presence of volcanoes, this place is a suitable place for hiking and rock climbing. Apart from that, the unique view of the volcano directly facing the open sea is a special attraction.


This province has rivers and waterfalls that are a must-visit. Apart from that, historical tourism is a unique thing it offers. There is the El Cano Archaeological Park, the burial site of a pre-Columbian civilization. Visiting this place is like traveling back in time and living without the hustle and bustle of modernity.


This province offers Panama’s famous coastal tourism. Surfing or diving is normal, but there is something different here. Natural tourism with its biodiversity is welcoming when visited. Various species live here, from whales, dolphins, turtles, to butterflies. All can be view freely here.

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