October 25, 2023

5 Cheapest Destinations in Asia for End of Year Holidays, There are Cities in Japan and Korea

Holidays abroad generally cost more than at home. However, the experience gained can be worth the expense. The costs incurred by tourists may not be as big as imagined, especially if they are smart in choosing the right destination.
If you want a year-end holiday abroad but still in Asia, there are several cheapest destinations. Agoda shares 10 destinations that are not only cheap but also suitable for the end of the year, here are five of them.

Hat Yai, Thailand

Hat Yai topped the list of cheapest destinations for year-end travel in Asia, with an average hotel room price of US$43. The province has a mix of urban and rural attractions, from great nightlife to the beautiful waterfalls at the Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Reserve. For a more modern Christmas celebration, be sure to stop by Hat Yai’s Central Festival and visit the Christmas light display and giant tree.

Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching is in second place with an average room price of US$60. The capital of the state of Sarawak, Malaysia, has developed tourism in recent years. Many attractions can be enjoyed all year round, but during Christmas it gets even more festive. There is an annual Christmas parade in Kuching, tourists can also stroll down Carpenter Street on New Year’s Eve for festive celebrations.

Baguio, Philippines

With an average room rate of US$95 per night, this city is in third place. The city is known as the “Summer capital of the Philippines” because of its cool temperatures. During winter, the air temperature is even cooler. That is why many local residents in this tropical country enjoy visiting here. Be sure to visit tourist attractions like Mines View Park and Camp John Hay, and don’t forget to start the morning with a local favorite drink called taho, which consists of soft tofu and tiny pearls.

Nagoya, Japan

Winter is the best time to visit this Japanese province. Dazzling lights are everywhere, lighting up the city’s districts to celebrate winter Nagoya is in fourth place with an average hotel rate of US$107 per night.

Busan, South Korea

The coastal city of Busan offers beautiful beaches and an equally beautiful skyline, a perfect blend of urban and natural beauty. Relax at the various cafes scattered throughout the city, take a leisurely stroll at Haeundae Beach, or combine the two by reading a book while enjoying a drink at one of the cafes along Dalmaji-gil Street that offer spectacular ocean views. With an average room rate of US$158 per night, this city is still on the list of cheapest destinations in Asia.

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