September 4, 2023

4 Indonesian Companies Shown at the Johannesburg Professional Beauty Exhibition

Indonesian is participating again in the Professional Beauty Exhibition (PBEJ) in Johannesburg, South Africa on 3-4 September 2023. Regarding this event, the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) in Johannesburg facilitates four companies from Indonesia so they can participate in this opportunity. The four companies are PT. Tirta Ayu, PT Moretosee Sinar Indonesia, PT Kino Indonesia, and PT Bangun Mandiri. Various beauty products from Indonesia were displayed by these four companies at the Gallagher Convention Center, Johannesburg.
This event not only brings together beauty business activists, such as spa owners, but also provides an opportunity for practitioners in the medical beauty field to meet through seminars held on the sidelines of exhibitions. Business seminars are held as a platform for beauty business owners to learn about new trends, share new ideas for business development.

The Director of the ITPC Johannesburg

Tonny Hendriawan said during the exhibition that along with the increasing number of the upper middle class, the demand for beauty products and fitness services in South Africa was increasing. According to Tony, this needs to be utilize for the penetration of products and supporting tools for beauty and fitness.
“Of course we have to interpret this as an opportunity for various Indonesian products to enter accreditation countries, for example make-up, skin care, aromatherapy, including amenities for the hotel business. The participation of several Indonesian companies in this exhibition is also very positive, where in the field of beauty and body care, Indonesian products also carry the value of Indonesia’s noble traditions,” said Tonny. Lenywati, an activist in the spa business in Africa through her outlet “Tirta Ayu” in Eswatini and Nigeria admim. That he was very please to be able to participate on behalf of Indonesia in this annual event. Because this event could open up various possibilities for expanding the business he is currently involve in. The potential in Africa is very wide open as a non-traditional market, as stated by Indonesian President Joko Widodo on various occasions.

Hundreds of outlets of companies from South Africa and other countries have participated in promoting

variety of beauty products to the thousands of beauty activists who have flooded the venue since the opening of the PBEJ on 3 September 2023. Trade relations between South Africa and Indonesia in the 2018-2022 period showed a positive trend where the trade value increased 13.58 percent from USD 1.7 billion (Rp 25 trillion) to USD 3.25 billion (Rp 49 trillion). This increase includes sales of beauty and fitness products from Indonesia in South Africa. The architecture of Indonesia’s business expansion in South Africa, Botswana, Eswatini and Lesotho in the future needs to consider the fitness or wellness center business sector, including spas. According to the records of the ITPC Johannesburg and the Indonesian Embassy in Pretoria, there are three spa massage centers from Indonesia in South Africa and Eswatini, namely Tirta Ayu, Bamboo Garden Spa and Melati Massage Therapy.

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