October 8, 2023

10 Countries with the Most Ethnicities in the World, Is Indonesia Entered?

Indonesia is known for its ethnic diversity spread throughout the Republic of Indonesia. Starting from Javanese, Madurese, Batak, Dayak, to Bajo who live in various island areas. Not only Indonesia, it turns out there are a number of countries with the largest ethnic groups in the world that have actually overtaken the Emerald Equatorial Country.

List of Countries with the Most Ethnicities

Tribal or ethnic groups refer to groups of people who identify themselves based on similarities in genealogy and ancestry. Apart from that, ethnicity can also refer to the unity of culture, language, history, and even nation. Launching from the WorldAtlas page, the following is a list of countries with the most ethnicities in the world.

10. Madagascar

madagascar This fourth largest island in the world and isolated is the location of various evolutions of organisms. Some of the tribal groups there are Merina, Cotier, Betsileo, Betsimisaraka, and Tsimihety.

9. Congo

The Republic of Congo has a smaller area than the Democratic Republic of Congo (ROC), namely 342,000 square kilometers. Even so, this region is home to around 200 ethnic groups. The population is dominated by large groups, namely Kongo, Sangha, Teke, and M’Bochi.

8. South Africa

The southernmost country on the African continent, namely South Africa, is on the list of countries with the most ethnic groups. Inhabited by around 54 million people, language is an important factor in organizing groups along ethnic lines in the country. The largest ethnic groups in the country include the Zulu, Xhosa and Sotho.

7. Togo

A small country on the west coast of Africa, Togo has 37 recognized ethnic groups. Apart from that, there are still other tribes that have not been recorded. The largest group that includes almost all tribes in Togo is the Ewe with 20-30 percent of the nation’s total population.

6. Cameroon

CameroonThe country whose capital is Yaounde has more than 250 ethnicities and languages. The Republic of Cameroon is home to around 29 million people. Several ethnic groups in this former German colony include the Bamileke-Bamu, Beti/Bassa, Mbam, Biu-Mandara, Arab-Choa/Hausa, and Adamawa-Ubangi.

5. Liberia

Liberia It seems that countries from the African continent still dominate the list of countries with the most ethnicities. Of the population of around 4.5 million people, 95 percent of indigenous African tribes live in Liberia. There are around 28 ethnic groups that have created their own languages, such as Mande, Kru, and Mel.

4. Uganda

Uganda is home to around 80 ethnic groups. The majority of tribes in this East African country come from the Baganda, Banyankole and Basoga. Even so, this country with an area of around 241,551 square kilometers has English and Swahili as everyday languages.

3. Democratic Republic of the Congo

The land area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or known as Congo Zaire is approximately 2,345,410 square kilometers. With this area, this country in the Central African region is occupied by more than 80 tribes and several other sub-tribes that have not been recorded. Each tribe gave birth to its own language, such as that used by Tuba Kongo, Lingala, and Luba Lulua.

2. Tanzania

Tanzania This country, which is located on the eastern side of the Black Continent, is known to have more than 150 ethnic groups and 127 regional languages. With a land area of 945,037 square kilometers, the tribe there is dominated by 11.6 percent of the Sukuma and 4 percent of the Gogo and Haya.

1. Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is ranked first in the list of countries with the most ethnic groups in the world. This neighboring country to Indonesia has around 1,000 ethnic groups with 839 traditional languages. The large number of ethnicities there is influenced by the topography which is dominated by valleys, thus dividing people.

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